U2 - Bullet the Blue Sky

역시 [Rattle and Hum]에서의 실황 영상,
Bono 의 조명쑈는 아마도 최고의 명장면 중 하나가 아닐까...
U2를 좋아하는 이유는 단지 이 장면과 'With Or Without You'때문인지도 모른다.

남미에 대한 강제적 무기판매로 돈벌이에만 열올리는 미국정부를 이야기하는 이 가사들...
Bono의 높낮이가 크고 굵은 목소리 덕에 더 큰 호소력을 얻고있는 것 같다.

You tube의 댓글 가운데, '막시스트의 헛소리'라는 것도 있고, 그거에 대해 다시 그 당시의 레이건정부를 얘기하는 댓글들도 있고...
암튼, 망할노무 돈세상.

In the howling wind comes a stinging rain
See it driving nails
Into the souls on the tree of pain
From the firefly, a red orange glow
See the face of fear
Running scared in the valley below

Bullet the Blue Sky
Bullet the Blue Sky
Bullet the Blue
Bullet the Blue

In the locust wind comes a rattle and hum
Jacob wrestled the angel
And the angel was overcome
You plant a demon seed
You raise a flower of fire
See them burning crosses
See the Flames higher and higher

This guy comes up to me
His face red like a rose on a thorn bush
Like all the colors of a royal flush
And he's peeling off those dollars bills
Slapping them down
One hundred, Two hundred
And I can see those fighter plane
And I can see those fighter plane
Across the mud huts where the children sleep
Through the alleys of a quiet city street
You take the staircase to the first floor
Turn the key and slowly unlock the door
As a man breathes into a saxophone
And through the walls you hear the city groan
Outside is America
Outside is America

Across the field you see the sky ripped open
See the rain through a gaping wound
Pounding on the women and children
Who run
Into the arms
of America

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